Meet Andromeda Peters


Andromeda Peters, isn't it obvious that her parents wanted her to be different? She is a lover of life who gives thanks for every single blessing. Andromeda's childhood has provided her with a  journey filled with many circumstances that Andromeda has risen above, but she says she was given a gift that led her to being such an open-minded and welcoming person of diversity. Andromeda is the daughter of a trans parent. She loves and honor's her dad's journey who she shares a deep bond with. Her other father is from Ghana where he used to be a musician and have reconnected a few years ago into a great relationship with. Her past experiences have encouraged to share her story to help empowers. She believes that there are no limitations in life.

A Massachusetts native, Andromeda has lived in many different places growing up, and now feels at-home as an independent and adventurous woman. She believes that it is our duty to pull each other up and that it is our right to living happy and full lives!

With an educational background in therapy, Andromeda is combining her passions of writing, self-care, wellness, mindfulness, and mental health advocacy by providing information to readers on her blog, Facebook page: Your Mind Matters, and Instagram @yourmindmatterslove, @andromedapeters on the importance of self-love and healthy practices. 

Andromeda is a model and spokersperson with a deep passion for music who has just begun her modeling career. She loves singing, fashion, reading, travelling, art, learning new vegan recipes, and spending time with her loved ones. She feels like she is the luckiest girl in the universe to have an amazing partner who is also music artist. She says he is the most loving part of her life and is so excited that they are living their dreams together. Andromeda loves being outdoors in nature going hiking, going on a run, and being near any ocean.

Proclaimed health nut, Andromeda loves taking care of her health-mind, body, soul and helping others to do the same. She loves sharing her adventures with followers and living her life in the present moment! She hopes you enjoy her blog and that it will inspire you to be your best self and help others along the way!