New Year!

I have to say, in all honesty, as much as I speak so highly of self care, I have not always been applying it to my own personal life. It is something that I am still working on! Yet I have committed to 20 minutes per day to doing something that I love. I have been mostly using these 20 minutes for meditation, but it is always amazing! So since my last post, I have studied hard and passed my license independent clinical exam, I have been working out, volunteering, and putting a lot of my time into my family and being a positive support to them. 

For me? My birthday just passed this Sunday! Learning about meditation, wellness, etc, has also led me to learning more about numerology. Numerology states that we all live in 9 year cycles, with each year holding a different meaning. This Sunday, I entered my first year of my 9 year cycle! This means that I am starting anew, and that big changes are coming into my life. I feel these changes are positive and I welcome them! I have set my intent to follow my heart in every scenario that I am in so that I am always still and always present. 

For my "new year", I have decided to expand my horizon and try MORE new things! I have done a lot to step outside the box, but I have never been ordinary! Since I was a kid, I always wanted to do things with my life that was a bit different from what most of my friends were doing! For my birthday, I had a photo shoot, and I decided to be expressive and creative and man! We got some of the best photos I've had in awhile! This is but a small example! I know it may not be everyone's first year of their 9 year cycle, but I say, we all try something new together!

Now just for fun, I'll explain how you calculate your year! You add your month of your birthday, the day, and the year that we are currently in together! Check out mine below!


add 6+1+1+2+0+1+7=18 and next... you take the "18" and break it up by adding 1+8=9!

The 9th year I was told equates a new start, a new year, starting your first year!

There you go!!! 

first year= new start, new beginning "plant the seed"

second year="seed is settling into the soil" it may not be visible but change and maturity is taking place

third year="seed breaks through the soil" It may feel difficult but you've done it before! Yet, this is the year that self-care really matters! It is so important to give yourself extra TLC <3 and take care of your mind, body, soul

fourth year="seed sprouts!' they say the fourth-eighth year is when you go for the gold because you are growing and the world knows it!

So fourth-eighth year, take risks and go for the gold!! 

xoxoxo let me know what you think!