Lunch of Champions! <3

While prepping for Miss United States, I get a lot of questions about how I manage my nutrition, especially eating vegan! Not a lot has changed in my regular diet in comparison to when I'm not competing, but the timing of when I eat is very strategic. I look forward to 12 noon every single day because it's lunch time! Every morning I prepare the most scrumptious salad sand it's so so so good!!

Here are the details below of what's in my salad bowl!


Olives (1 tsp)

Small amount of raisins

Sunflower seeds (salt free)

Grape tomatoes

Sliced yellow pepper

1/2 Avocado


Shaved almonds

Topped with quinoa

Black beans


and drizzled in avocado oil

With these ingredients, I am getting my sources of vegan protein, health fats, and it is loaded in anti-oxidants!



The plus side?  There are SO many benefits to the ingredients in this salad!


filled with vitamins A, C, and E

contains zinc, iron, potassium, and magnesium

good for the colon, healthy brain function, and mental clarity

it's also a great antioxidant and can it can help lower cholesterol



great source of health fats!

digestive aid

helps give you that healthy glowy skin

it is high in nutrients, about 20 vitamins and minerals to be specific...

vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium,  vitamin B6, vitamin E

the plus is also that they don't contain sodium! ooohh yeahhh



vitamin E

iron source

high in antioxidants

low in carbs

high in calcium



good source of antioxidants

sources of vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin C

boosts immune system

helps improve bone health


Yellow Pepper

rich in vitamin C

boosts the immune system

lowers inflammation in the arteries that leads to heart disease


Grape Tomatoes

good source of fiber

supports eye, bone, and skin health

it is an antioxidant

high in vitamin C, vitamin A


Sunflower Seeds

high in fatty acid

rich in vitamin E, copper, and B vitamins



source of vitamin E, copper, and magnesium

good source of protein'can help prevent cardiovascular heart diseases




helps control blood sugar levels

great plant-based protein

iron source

fiber source

folate source

helps with weightloss

helps decrease symptoms of IBS and constipation

helps protect against heart disease and cancer


Black beans

good source of fiber

contains vitamin B6

contains potassium

helps lower cholesterol


great source of plant-based protein

has lots of fiber, more than other grains

rich on magnesium

good source of iron


Avocado Oil

helps prevent gum disease

it's a health fat

reduces cholesterol

contains lutein which is an anti-oxidant that is good for the eyes

assists with reducing symptoms of arthritis

improves skin and wound healing


So as can you can see, this salad is nutrient packed! When I eat this salad regularly, I almost never get sick, even with me working in a hospital! It's yummy but I also the love it gives to my body! Enjoy!